Up and Running!

Ever since I began to move outwards a couple of moths ago I had an idea of finding a way to share my own experiences as well as stuff that helped me on my journey towards connection. I have written a lot though it´s spread ”all over the place” though now I´ll try to give it more structure. I will share knowledge, literature, links, music as well that helped me to wake up brake free and move on with my journey. I will use stories from my life, from the very start through major crises and my ongoing healing process and on to present and explain this as well as share my understanding in this often pretty complex and for most people in our world, very unknown part of life.



Right now I have to focus a lot on building my new life and healthy relationships and Real Life happens offline, though I will still spend some hours a day doing this. In the longer run I would like to work with ”hands on” body oriented healing though that is yet only a dream, one step at a time and sometimes  a few backwards…. Healing is a strange journey….

Another dream is to run this site as a project together with others, after all, this is very much about connecting…..

This will be an ongoing project when I catch inspiration as it comes and share it in the blog. When I have time I will share the more theoretical stuff in a way that makes it easy to search for those hungry to understand.



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