Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have made a lot of songs and videos about toxic relationships and the healing journey that has helped me to face my fears as well as see the truth and find power to keep moving towards more healthy relationships, with other people  as well as with myself.

You said You were tired of shallow people, wanted something real…….

And I wondered, when I sang along with you, if everything could ever feel this real forever……..

We built a Mounument! 

The closer I got to your secret fears the more impossible it became….

Oh Yeah! I certainly took the high dive into your brain…..

There’s a long straight road, out of the cold
And we can leave it all behind
I wanna get outside, baby, let’s get outside
I wanna get outside, outside, of me

Oh sweet ignition be my fuse
You have no choice you have to choose
Bid farewell to yesterday
Say goodbye I’m on my way

Will I find a believer?
Another one who believes……

Wake up
Run for your life with me…. 

It’s never too late to brake out of your bubble heal and connect….

Well, it looks like have to live with the question unanswered….

This video saved my life, several times…

Nothing looks the same….. Though somehow I´ll make it 😉


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