Know your Enemy……

Step one in the process of breaking free from narcissism, identify the Enemy….

If you don’t take the shortcut and put all the blame outside of you, you will will find that your enemy lives inside your head. This is not You, this is who ”They” expected You to be…. who you once had to be i order to survive. ”The enemy” is holding up a mirror in order to blame you for their actions or shortcomings

Then you have to start something rather painful, you have to destroy the image, Your image of who you think you are…. EVERYTHING, good AND bad, Yes, its scary, it hurts though you are no longer a victim totally dependent on your caregivers (loved ones….) Unless you smash it all you wont be able to find out what’s real.

Well, then you simply trow away what’s rubbish. 😊 Takes care of the good stuff ❤️ Walk out into the sun, join the crowd 🙌 and begin to Learn to Fly🤓🛫 You are not above, you are not below, not outside. You are not that fucking special at all, you are just a unique part of us!

I know, it’s not that easy, you will stumble and fall, many times but this is the solution, the only solution. Alone in your head (or on your blog….) you cant heal…

And some more about pretenders and rooms full of mirrors

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