Nya tag….. på Svenska

Jag prövar att börja skriva även på Svenska. När jag skall berätta min egen historia så blir det så mycket enklare att skriva på modersmålet till människor som lever i mitt eget land och egen kultur. Skälet att jag började på Engelska vara mycket att jag var rädd för att bli alltför ensam här om … Fortsätt läsa Nya tag….. på Svenska

It’s Fear that keeps me from writing.

It's now more than 6 weeks since I declared that I would begin writing short simple posts on a daily basis...... I claimed it was because of some perfection complex..... Well this might be true but what is behind that? FEAR, pure primal fear. Fear of being attacked, criticized, accused, belittled. Fear of not being … Fortsätt läsa It’s Fear that keeps me from writing.

Adult Children of Narcissists

Uppdate 2018-06-01 I wrote this post when I had just been able to break out of isolation by attending ACA meetings. Since then I have found A LOT that I do not like with ACA. Some people describe AA as an organisation designed by narcissists for narcissists. I am not in AA but I have … Fortsätt läsa Adult Children of Narcissists

The Narcissists Family

The toxic family is a regime built on fear of abandonment. A sect where "love" is never unconditional and everyone, at least subconsciously, knows they will be excluded if they reveal the truth, even to themselves...... Narcissus did not fall in love with himself, he fell in love with his own reflection..... The narcissist long … Fortsätt läsa The Narcissists Family