Know your Enemy……

Step one in the process of breaking free from narcissism, identify the Enemy.... If you don't take the shortcut and put all the blame outside of you, you will will find that your enemy lives inside your head. This is not You, this is who "They" expected You to be.... who you once had … Fortsätt läsa Know your Enemy……

She is not there…….

Writing about my ex I used the words Evil Ways and of course my brain made yet another musical association. Evil Ways...... Santana....? I went to YouTube and found a lot that I could relate to narcissism power/dynamics.... And when you are discarded.... And of course..... Black Magic Woman, even though it´s originally a … Fortsätt läsa She is not there…….

It takes two to Tango

There is A LOT about narcissism on the internet though very much of it is from a Victim perspective, including stuff from well known coaches and therapists..... It's all about Them.... They are Evil and You/We are targeted simply because that we are so Good. The cruel truth about narcissistic relationships is that you are … Fortsätt läsa It takes two to Tango

Immobilize without Fear

I have met my ghosts I have been able to get rid of my own false (narcissistic) self though I am still fighting my fears of being unseen/rejected. Every step I take to make real connection, to tell some more of my history is a step that puts me at high risk of being triggered … Fortsätt läsa Immobilize without Fear